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Free voip phones, PBX's and servers from free voip downloads

The voice over internet phone providers featured here have free offers and free downloads - usually a soft phone - so you can test their service, make free phone calls, have unlimited in-network sip to sip calls, or other features. We tested as many of these downloads as we could. Voip downloads might include other provider features such as free PBX software. Unix - Linux software was not tested. Itís a way to make unlimited, free long distance telephone calls anywhere in the world. Your source for free telephone software.

Each page contains a free voip download, a description, link, and as much detail as possible. VoIP facts:

• You can talk anywhere in the world for free using VoIP
• Most VoIP conference calls are free
• All users should use the same software although some are compatible with others
• You need a good microphone but a headset is recommended
• To make unlimited free PC-to-PC calls over Internet you need to install free software
• Good VoIP software automatically works with all firewalls, NAT, and LAN routers
• Free software should also work with many USB phones
• If you get an incoming telephone number it can be for another country or city other than your own
• Companies may try to sell other features but in-network calls are free

Try the free VoIP downloads seen on any of our pages. PBX downloads, server downloads, and phone downloads are available and ready to use in a VoIP system

We use VoIP software and our own equipment. We take precautions and monitor our wireless access, signal to noise levels, and we run intrusion alarms at the software level. While we use encrypted access on our network we also offer free wireless unencrypted access as a convenience. We use what we offer.

In addition to monitoring we also refuse to use flat grey telehone cables like the ones that come with a standard telephone. Instead, we use twisted pair cat5 cable with telephone connectors. This is telephone cable made of actual cat 5 cable with molded ends. For telephone, not network Cat 5

If you run cheap flat grey telephone lines over 6 feet you might have signal loss and inductance, especially with DSL. We use pink cat 5 for all of our telephone lines, satellite receivers, and DSL modem lines.

New in packages, each cable is appx 11 to 12 feet long. Lorom E141823, 24 AWG, UL listed, LL97744, CSA, CMR, FT4, patch cable, PINK

Pink color stands out from your network cables and looks good running to your telephones. Use where long quiet runs are needed.

Unsure, or need to sell this idea to your family or the boss? See our article "Making The Most of Your Free VoIP Phone"